National Paradigm Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charity dedicated to creating better lives for America’s disabled and homeless veterans and their families. We will help alter the mindset (Paradigm shift) of the veterans in an orderly and precise manor. We will teach life skills, use books and mentorship to start the transformation to healthier life.

Thousands of veterans who defended our way of life and freedom in the United States Of America are unable to fit back into society. There is a lack of shelter, employment, adequate nutrition, and much more. A great deal of these people suffer from physical and psychological injuries during horrific combat.

NPF helps disabled and homeless veterans make the transition from life on the streets to one of productivity. Our promise to veterans is ensuring that all veterans who honorably served his or her country receives assistance to become productive, self-sufficient members of society.

We are aggressively establishing a partnership between the NPF and federal, state, county, and local governments to develop competent programs through grants and donations to assist in our vision. We are constantly seeking additional resources to help rebuild our veterans lives and stimulate hope.

Each week Veterans attend our school, and build their confidence to improve their situation.

We are setting up provision for the following: (In the meanwhile, we’ll refer the veteran’s to programs that offer immediate help)

  • Food – Hot nutritional meals
  • Shelter – Bed and showers
  • Clothing – Coats and undergarments
  • Medical – Assistance
  • Career Training – Computer and life skills
  • Transitional Housing – Temporary Housing
  • Personal Development – Books, CD’s, and Workbooks
  • Rehabilitation – Drug, Alcohol, and Psychiatric Disorders